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West of Ennis will be at Irish Fest 2004, look for us on the Castle Garden Stage!

4/26/04: West of Ennis has had its first music review....well, sort of.
Bill Margeson, who reviews Irish music in his Tradition in Review column for the IrishAmerican News, referred to West of Ennis as giving a great show in his March, 2004 column. He heard us when we opened for Cathie Ryan at the Irish Culture and Heritage Center. Bill, thanks for your comments, but we think you had a wee drop too many of the Tullamore Dew that evening!
For a complete review, go to the following link:

4/27/04: The best bands always seem to provide fertile spawning grounds for spinning off new bands and groups. West of Ennis is no exception. West of Ennis member David Moss, and former WOE fill-in fiddler, Heather Lewin, have formed The O'Shyttes, an Irish rock and bluegrass group, along with four other local musicians. Their web site is: The O'Shyttes have 3 performances in May: May 7th, Bremen Cafe; May 11th, O'Keefe's Port of Hamburg, May 22nd, Mac's Red Eye (with the Mighty Lumberhorn).

In addition, WOE member Rob Steinhofer has been teaming up with Heather to play for Irish dancers at various local and regional dance competitions.